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In addition to acting and producing, Jayne is passionate about audition coaching for Film, TV & Theatre as well as preparing young actors for their BFA & MFA auditions. While her training was rooted in Strasberg (NYU) and a heavy focus on voice and movement (Brown/Trinity), she believes technique is simply something to turn to when a moment in a piece remains difficult to discover and truthfully embody through text analysis and imagination alone. While there are certain "rules" to abide by for BFA & MFA auditions, Jayne believes staying true to yourself is infinitely more important. For Jayne, this meant doing a piece written for a male actor, bringing a single prop, and using the space of the audition room (why do actors feel they must stay in a single spot when performing a monologue?). The goal is to walk into the room ready and excited to share pieces that make you feel joyfully and powerfully YOU. This is the only way you and the perfect school will find each other. 

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